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Rally Preparation for Classic Cars

When you’re preparing a classic or vintage car for a rally or tour event, our aim is to ensure that your vehicle successfully finishes the event. We will check your car for durability, as well as making sure that your vehicle will be reliable. As things tend to go wrong at the worst possible moment, we will inspect every aspect of your vehicle, both before and after the rally/tour, giving you full confidence that your car will be ready for the next event.

We’ll have a detailed discussion with you about the rally to understand the conditions your vehicle will be facing. We will make all necessary adjustments to enable your car to cope with the environment, so you can enjoy your rally event stress-free. We work precisely to your instruction, including where moderations need to be in keeping with the style of the vehicle’s original period.

When you return your vehicle to us, it will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust and muck, and we will carefully check for any damage. We look for any breakages and to see if anything has failed – we then carry out any repairs, as required.

For more information on our rally preparation services, please call 01827 718297 or get in touch.